Santa Cruz Highland Birdwatching Excursion

The opportunity to visit up to 3 different and hidden secret spots of Galápagos Birds.

The Twins: These two large pit craters along the road from Puerto Ayora to Baltra were caused by the collapse of empty magma chambers. We can stop along the side of the road and visit both craters, walking around their rims.

A circular trail to the larger crater passes through the beautiful Scalesia forest, which is an excellent place to observe terrestrial birds, including the opportunity to check the Vermilion Flycatchers, Short-eared Owls, the Galapagos Dove, and several finch species such as the Tree Finch small and large, small ground finch, warbler finch, Galapagos mocking bird and Galapagos dove.

Visit the Rancho Manzanillo or any other great spot and look for the Galapagos Rail, woodpecker finch, and vegetarian finch. And for sure it's also possible to see lots of Wild Giant Galapagos Tortoises roaming around us.

Estación Charles Darwin and found the large ground finch, cactus finch, and the Galapagos Flycatcher.

- Pick up at your hotel or airport to start transportation to the Highlands (35 minutes).

Visit to the Twins (Pit Craters):

- Arriving at the point of interest, walk and explain about the two big natural rock craters, and find our birds - around 90 min.

Transportation to the next place, Manzanillo Ranch (35 minutes), and at the Manzanillo Ranch we can have a little time for coffee, lunch, or some snacks (+/- 40 minutes), then let's find more birds (around 60 min).

Visit the Reserva Pájaro Brujo or any other similar place to check for more birds.

Transportation to Puerto Ayora Town (30 minutes).

Check around the most interesting spots in town, Pelican Bay, Fisher's peer, Bars, restaurants, and main peer at Academy Bay.

Back to your hotel.

Visit the hidden and secret spots with the best Galapagos Bird expert.


Meeting Point Options: Cruise Ship Port (Pick Up at your hotel in Santa Cruz Island or at airport, please let me know about your fight number and airline.), Airport, Hotel

Duration: 5 hours

Here is plenty available of different places.


This tour its for a group with more than 3 participants, we need to hire a Van for up to 6 persons.


Personal Expenses, Souvenirs, Food, Drinks, Snacks

Other: It's a great idea to have the last ride back to Puerto Ayora Town using bikes at a proper track just for bikes.

The entire ride is almost going downhill for up to 18 Km and we need to push a bit going up hill less than 4 o 5 tiny hills without too much effort. Please, contact me to discuss the option.

What´s Extra:

Tour to Daphne & Bahía Borrero

Daphne and Borrero Bay Tour
Tour Includes: Transfers from hotel, wetsuits, mask and snorkel, fins, guide, qualified personnel, towels, snack and hot drink, lunch on board, demonstration fishing in navigation.

Tour does not include: Alcoholic beverages, tips, extrasec

Pick up from the Hotel.
Departure and general instructions on safety, navigation, ship facilities.
Navigation to Bahía Borrero and demonstration fishing along the way.
Disembarkation and recreation time in Bahía Borrero.
Embarkation, lunch on board the ship and navigation towards Daphne Mayor.
Bird watching and snorkeling in Daphne Mayor.
Refreshment on board to start the navigation towards Piedra Ahogada.
Snorkeling in Piedra Ahogada.
Navigation to the Itabaca channel.
Transfer to Puerto Ayora and end of the tour.

What to take with yourself? (recommended):
• Water shoes.
Hat, cap and Sunglases (polarized)
Confortable Clothes, long sleeves tshirt, rash guard and Bottle of Water.

The Daphne Islands (Daphne Major and Minor) are two small volcanic islands in the Galapagos Islands archipelago. Although easily accessible to most visitors to the Galapagos Islands, the National Park Service keeps visits to the islands very restricted and it is used primarily for scientific research. Biologists Peter and Rosemary Grant carried out an intensive study of Darwin's finches over a period of 20 years. They examined the behavior and life cycles of the finches, and the results strongly supported Darwin's theory of evolution.

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