with the Sea Finch Yatch

Daily Cruises to
Bartolomé and Sombrero Chino

Bartolomé Island

Bartolome offers one of the most emblematic sceneries of the Galapagos Islands. A 600 – meter pathway complete with stairs and a boardwalk will take you to the highest point of the island where you will be able to learn first hand about the volcanic origins of the Galapagos Islands.

After the walk a dingy ride along the coastline will give you the opportunity to see the Galapagos penguin. This curious bird nest amongst the fissured lava flows and ventures into the crystal clear waters of Bartolome to fish.

Sombrero Chino

After your walk in Bartolome, Sea Finch will lift its anchor and sail to Sombrero Chino. The yacht will anchor at a pristine channel between Santiago Island and Sombrero chino, with turquoise water that contrasts with pioneer vegetation growing in rugged dark lava and a beautiful small coralline beach.

This is a wonderful setting for snorkeling with tropical fish, star fish and with good possibilities of swimming with Galapagos penguins, white tip sharks, sea lions and turtles.

Snorkeling / Wet landing.

Itineraries Available

07h50: Meeting point in Puerto Ayora
11h00: Bartolome island visit
13h00: Lunch
14h30: Snorkeling in Sobrero Chino
16h00: (aprox) Back in Puerto Ayora

Daily Cruises


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